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Cling-rite Rolls

Cling-rite® Rolls Questions & Answers?

How can I use a Cling-rite® Roll for storyboarding?

Yes, just place a sheet of paper on top of a sheet, rub gently and it will stay on top the the Cling-rite® sheet.

Does Cling-rite® Rolls come in clear?

Yes Cling-rite® Rolls are available in clear. This is perfect for tracing, or used as an overlay. Just put a sheet of paper behind a clear sheet. The original is fully protected.

Who, and Where are Cling-rite® Rolls Used?

They can be used by anyone in a variety of settings. Some examples include: home office, distanced learning, home school, children's art projects, business training professionals and consultants, conference centers and hotels, recruitment agencies, hospitals and doctors’ offices, financial institutions, offices, schools (by both, teachers and students), sports facilities and coaching aids, colleges and universities and student dorms

Can the Sheets be Customized with Company Logos?

Please contact us for details: 1-416-630-3131 Ext 3.

Is it Recyclable?

Yes, Cling-rite® Rolls are fully recyclable. Simply place in the plastics recycling container.

How Long will Cling-rite® Roll Sheets Adhere to a Surface Once Applied?

A Cling-rite® Roll sheet can adhere to most clean smooth surfaces for several months.

Can Cling-rite® Roll Sheets be Reused?

Yes. The exact number of times will depend on how you use, clean and store your Cling-rite® Rolls. For best results, store used and unused Cling-rite® sheets in the box provided.

Why Use Cling-rite® Rolls Instead of Traditional Flipcharts or Whiteboards?

Cling-rite® Rolls are lightweight and portable. The only other thing you need is a smooth, clean flat surface. Many locations where presentations/meetings are held do not want flipchart papers taped or tacked to walls. Cling-rite® will adhere to most clean, smooth surfaces, contains no adhesive, are repositionable, and will not damage surfaces.

Is it Erasable?

Yes. For best results we recommend using low odor dry erase marker pens. You can also use permanent marker pens, but the ink will not rub out. As well various types of paint will work for permanent use. When erasing images, use either a damp cloth or a whiteboard eraser.