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Cling-rite® and Whiteboard Clingers® - Dry Erase Sheets

All Things Cling Ltd. provides innovative and economical self-cling whiteboards. Will Not Harm Surfaces!
Ideal for: home, school, business, kids art, university dorms, distanced learning,
home office and so much more!

Cling-rite Roll. 40 sheets, 100 ft each sheet is 20"x30"

Cling-rite® Roll Uses

Cling-rite® Rolls or Basic Cling-rite® Rolls create whiteboard space in their offices or on the go at client meetings. Create a brainstorm wall for planning sessions and bring the ideas back to your office to share with your whole team. Professionals, trainers, presenters or instructors can carry this roll in their suitcases, bags or carry-on as it is compact and light. It's a temporary flip chart or whiteboard created by you that can be moved to multiple locations. You can storyboard by taking a regular piece of paper and putting on the Cling-rite® on the wall. The electrical charge on the film will hold it there. There really isn’t an industry that couldn’t benefit from the versatility of our Cling-rite® Rolls!

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Clear Cling-rite® Roll adds Flexibility

With the Clear Cling-rite® Rolls all the same features exist as in our standard roll plus you can use the film as an overlay to protect whatever is underneath it. You can draw, mark and erase with confidence that it won't harm any surfaces. As well put something underneath and trace. You can use dry erase markers for temporary use or permanent markers as well. The Clear Cling-rite® Roll comes with a blue dry erase marker.

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Kids Cling-rite® Rolls

Children will love Kids Cling-rite® Rolls! This is a blank canvas that they can use dry erase markers, washable low odor markers or acrylic, tempra and other craft paints for more permanent art. Washable marker ink can be removed with a damp cloth. Put an image behind the white sheet of Cling-rite® and it is transulant enough to allow tracing. After the art is done, it will go up on a wall without any adhesives and stay there for months. A sheet from the roll can also be used as a whiteboard for distanced learning or home schooling.

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DC Comics Wall Decor

These licensed Clingers Wall Decor are perfect for comic book fans in any space. They feature exclusive designs from Bedrock Collectables and are printed on 13 x 19 Wall Clingers with repositionable adhesive. The kiss cut for easy removal from the backer makes them a great addition to any bedroom, living room, display room, office, dorm, man cave, gaming room, or more. The six designs include Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Night Wing, Flash, Green Arrow, and the Flash, and are sure to bring a touch of fun and excitement to any space.


Cling-rite® and Whiteboard Clingers® - Dry Erase Sheets

Cling-rite® Rolls at Work

This is an incredible product - it clings to, and can be peeled off to remove from any surface without leaving a trace. It's also dry-erasable. The sheets are perforated so they are easy to tear off and use. I've been using this for my home office and for working sessions in Zoom. Also super useful for remote school with the kids, who love drawing on it. I couldn't recommend more highly, much better than installing permanent whiteboards, and more affordable!

Jay Dub

Love this product! I’ve shared sheets with neighbors that have kids. They are having a great time with it! My one neighbor is a teacher and she is ordering the kit for herself.


This product is so versatile. Besides being ideal for business use and a fantastic teaching tool, I realized how much fun my young grandchildren could have with this. Cover a table and let your children draw away with washable markers, or oil pastels, finger paint. Let it dry and easily move each sheet to a wall or window to display their beautiful art! Or put on the wall and let them draw right there. This product is ideal for teachers and professionals. Use a permanent marker to outline a chart and fill it in with the dry erasable marker. You can erase the details in the chart and reuse again and again. Endless possibilities. Highly recommend!